It’s CRUISE TIME – bye bye MIAMI – BAHAMAS Cruise – USA Trip #3

This was my first time in the Eastcoast. Since I’ve been to the Westcoast several times, it was time for me to discover the other side of the USA. I’ve been visiting Florida, Georgia and the Carribean.
First Stop was MIAMI … Sunshine State of Florida

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Second Stop was the BAHAMAS … Island Country of the Atlantic Ocean.
For MORE impressions of my USA Trip please watch my Video on YouTube FMA CRUISE #1.

Majesty of the Seas (Photo courtesy of RoyalCaribbean)

Leaving Port of MIAMI


After staying in Miami for several days we left for some cruise time. We book via Royal Caribbean International a 4 night trip with the Majesty of the Seas which contains Miami (Florida), Nassau (Bahamas), CocoCay (Bahamas) and Key West (Florida). It was our first time on a cruise and we really enjoyed it. It’s such an experience that we don’t wanna miss. We had such a great time although Igot seasick and had to take some medicine. With the medicine I got tired sometimes but I was fine and could enjoy the stay. In this TRAVELpost I’ll give you some impressions about our first day on the ship.


Majesty of the Seas
The Majesty of the Seas was refurbished in March 2012 so everything was in a great condition. I don’t like staying at places where it’s old and used so this was perfect for me.
It’s like a huge hotel, there’s nothing missing, you can find everything on board:
– several restaurants, cafés and bars where you can get food and drinks 24h (all included except alcohol)
– a lot of duty free shops where you can buy things from jewelrys, clothes, bags, beautystuffs to souvenirs
casino (we tried our luck but left some money there)
spa area with wellness programm
fitness center with a lot of modern equipments (I didn’t do any kind of sports because I didn’t bring any sportshoes for this trip)
theaters with daily shows
pools on deck with whirlpool 
– you can do sport activities like rock climbing, table tennis, baskeball and more

The service of the crew was first class, there’s really nothing we could complain about, in contrary we have to praise the service of the whole crew on board!

One of the poolbars on deck

The pool on deck with a whirlpool, it was never too crowded. I was wondering where all the people have been all the time because we were around 3.000 people on board including the crew.

An other poolbar on deck

The band was playing wonderful music for welcoming the guests on board.

 Stateroom and Roomservice
We book a stateroom with ocean view. I would recommend a stateroom with a window because you can take a look outside and see the beautiful views of the ocean or the ports when you arrive. Our maid, who was a young man from India, cleaned our stateroom twice a day and left us beautiful handmade animals with the towels until we told him that it’s enough if he makes our room just once a day because I think it’s not necessary to clean a room twice a day where you don’t spend much time in it right?! He’s such a kind person, he told us a lot about his job on board and his family in India. I haven’t taken pictures of our room but I’ve filmed it and I’ll upload a FMA Cruise trip on my YouTube channel.
Restaurants, Cafés and Bars
There are restaurants called Windjammer (buffet), Johnny Rockets (burgers and shakes) and Sorrento’s (pizza). The food was really great, especially the dessert section, I can’t resist sweet things even when I’m already full I have to get a dessert, I’m such a dessertlover! What about you? There were so many new choices in the Windjammer restaurant everyday. I haven’t been to the Johny Rockets. We ate like five times a day, I always felt hungry, don’t know why I’m always hungry while I’m on vacation. It’s really strange because at home I’m not like that, at home I only eat like two or three times a day. Is it the same with you?
There are two restaurants called Moonlight and Starlight where you can have dinner with three courses in two different times (6pm or 9pm). When we booked the trip we had to choose at what time we want to have our dinner. We’ve chosen 9pm so we had enough time to spend on land. On the first night we were place at our table which was so lovely decorated. I’m so glad that we had dinner at the Moonlight restaurant because the Moonlight is so much prettier and modern than the Starlight. Every night we sat at the same table where we were placed on the first night and got served by a very friendly Asian waiter. He was such a great and funny guy!

You can pick a starter, a main course and a dessert from the menu. I often couldn’t decide because they have so much to offer and everything sounds so delicious. There’s a new menu every day. I love the food there so much.

Windjammer Restaurant – The Buffet Restaurant

Moonlight restaurant (Photo courtesy of RoyalCaribbean)

Right after taking this pic we jumped into the pool :)

Jumpsuit  PRIMARK (similar here and here)
Shoes  TOMMY HILFIGER (similar here and here)
Straw Hat  H&M (similar here and here)

Sunglass  RAYBAN (similar here and here)

We’ve watched an amazing sunset!!!! So beautiful <3

I’m filming this for my FMA video on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to watch my videos for more impressions.

In my next USA Trip Blogpost I’ll tell you about our Cruise to Nassau (Bahamas). So stay stuned. 
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