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I can’t believe it’s still around 86°F (30°C). That’s what the Californians call fall?! OH I LOVE IT!

In the stores they sell the same clothes for colder days like in Germany – sweaters, cardigans, coats, scarfs, boots etc. You don’t need those clothes here but it’s for the tourists and for the ones who travel to other cities.

I enjoy the shopping here so much more because most of the time the stores have such great deals. At PACSUN they have „buy 1 get 3 for free“ … wth right?! How could someone resist such a deal! They have really great brands, it was my first time at Pacsun and I must admit that I like their Kendall & Kylie Collection which is very exclusiv young and stylish. In NIKE stores was 20% off on all shoes and every sales item additional 40% off! In other stores there’re often deals like „buy one get one 50% off“ … where else than in the US you can find such great deals!!!

The items of my outfit I bought in the US except the top. The white long vest matches perfect to my dark grey denim shorts from ABERCROMBIE & FITCH which I got for only 25$. I’m in love with the red MICHAEL KORS heels because they don’t just look pretty but they are so comfy! I got them in a size 5. It’s so great that the US have so many small sizes. I’m always totally happy when I find shoes that fit my tiny feet. I could buy everything here, you save a lot of money when you shop in the USA. I’m totally addicted to shop in the USA.

Stay tuned for more looks on my blog. Happy Halloween and have a great weekend :)













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The BLUE Dress

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Es ist so schwierig, das perfekte Kleid für einen Anlass zu finden. Ich suchte nach einem langen Kleid für die Hochzeit einer Freundin und hatte schon eine ungefähre Vorstellung wie es aussehen sollte. Ich habe gesucht und gesucht, aber keine Chance. Mich hat die Suche schon traurig gemacht, aber redete mir ein, dass es ja noch ein bisschen hin ist bis zur Hochzeit. An dem einen Tag habe ich nicht einmal nach dem Kleid gesucht. Ich war in der Stadt bummeln und da war es DAS BLAUE KLEID in der Filiale Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf. Ist es nicht immer so? Wenn man nach etwas sucht, bekommt man es in der Regel nicht, aber wenn man es nicht erwartet, dann passiert es. Ich war so glücklich, weil es mir auf Anhieb gepasst hat! In den Geschäften und im Onlineshop gibt es eine riesige Auswahl. Das Kleid zaubert eine tolle Figur, wirkt sexy und elegant zugleich, hat diese wunderschönen Schlitze, das Material ist super weich, total angenehm auf der Haut zu tragen und ich liebe die Farbe. Man kann es auch für den Alltag mit flachen Sandalen und einer größeren Tasche kombinieren. Wie gefällt Euch mein Kleid?






It’s so difficult to find the perfect dress for any occasion. I was looking for a long dress to attend at a friend’s wedding. I already had something in mind and I was looking and looking but no chance. The searching made me sad but I was telling myself that there’s still a lot of time until the wedding day. One day I wasn’t even looking for it. I was walking around in the city and there it was – THE BLUE DRESS – in the store Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf. Isn’t it always like that? You’re searching for something, you usually don’t get it but when you’re not expecting it happens. I was so happy because it fits me so perfectly! Their stores and onlineshop have a huge selection. The dress conjures up an amazing figure, is sexy and classy, has this wonderful slits, the material is so soft like my second skin and I really love the colour. You can even wear it on a daily basis with flats and a bigger bag. How do you like my dress?



Discover FASHION and LIFESTYLE with ME #LiveTheLiveYouLove-LoveTheLifeYouLive ♥

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In cooperation with Peek & Cloppenburg.
In freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit Peek & Cloppenburg.
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Denim on Denim


I have an update for you. The ones who follow me on Instagram and Facebook already know. I am currently in Southen California, my dream state. Why am I here? Well, I’ll let you know soon! The weather here is still over 90°F which means I can wear shorts and tops. I decided to combine denim on denim which consists of my high waisted disstressed jeans shorts and vest with my comfy Birkenstock. I can walk in them a whole day . I’m obsessed with these shoes! What do you think about this look?








Discover FASHION and LIFESTYLE with ME #LiveTheLiveYouLove-LoveTheLifeYouLive ♥

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Unfortunately I couldn’t be at the Fashion Week in Berlin thistime because I’m currently in the United States. I show you some pictures from last year when I was at the SAVA NALD Show, here is my post  MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK BERLIN 2015 #1. In this post I show you an outfit of the LAVERA Show. It was a fanatastic show, there were a lot of celebrities on the catwalk and in the audience. Watch my YOUTUBE video to get more impressions.

Leider konnte ich dieses Mal nicht bei der Fashionweek in Berlin dabei
sen, weil ich mich derzeit in den USA befinde. Ich zeige Euch einige
Bilder aus dem letzten Jahr als ich auf der Show von SAVA NALD war, hier seht ihr meinen Blogpost dazu MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK BERLIN 2015 #1. In diesem Beitrag zeige ich Euch mein Outfit von der LAVERA Show. Die Show war grandiös, es waren viele Prominente auf dem Catwalk und im Publikum. Für mehr Eindrücke schaut Euch mein YOUTUBE Video an.


Discover FASHION and LIFESTYLE with ME #LiveTheLiveYouLove-LoveTheLifeYouLive ♥Entdecke MODE und LEBENSGEFÜHL mit mir
#LebeDasLebenDasDuLiebst-LiebeDasLebenDasDuLebst ♥

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