Swimwear Trends 2016


You are looking for a new bikini or one piece?! I wanna share some trends with you that I see a lot in new swimwear collections, on the beach and of course on Instagram. If you’re still not sure what to choose, this post will definitely help you. Let me know which one you prefer to wear.

The Two-Piece

Sporty halter tops are everywhere right now. Perfect for the active beach gal!

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.01. Crop

The One Piece

This 80’s & 90’s trend is back and we really appreciate it. The high cut one-piece lets you cover what you want without hiding your sexy stems (and also adds the illusion of length).

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.02. onepiece

The Cut Out

Cut Outs everywhere. Simple bikinis or one pieces with a touch of cutoutness (I just made that word up) are the perfect chic look.

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.03. Cutout

The Fringe

Another fun and feminine trend, the fringe top. Tons of designers are emulating this style and we ain’t mad.

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.04. fringe

Which piece is your favourite swimwear for 2016?

Discover FASHION and LIFESTYLE with ME #LiveTheLiveYouLove-LoveTheLifeYouLive ♥

XOXO Lynda

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IT-Piece BACKPACK fringe




Taschen können einpacken! Überall lösen Rucksäcke die klassischen It-Bags ab. Eine Top-Investition!

Der Rucksack entwickelt sich zum modischen Multitasker, er kann lässig, edel oder glamourös sein. Knalliges Nylon passt in die Freizeit, Pastell oder Leder sind fürs Büro angesagt. Und abends gehen wir in die Vollen, mit viel Bling-Bling und rockigen Nieten. „We are Backpackers“, den ganzen Tag lang.








Discover FASHION and LIFESTYLE with ME #LiveTheLiveYouLove-LoveTheLifeYouLive ♥

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